Encountering God together

In 2016 we are going on a journey of discovering and experiencing what it means to Encounter God together. Praise God because He is so wonderful, yet so approachable. We need not fear Him, but can rejoice in His presence, soaking in the fullness of His blessings, love and acceptance. Throughout the year ahead we will be seeking to understand God more fully by looking at the different ways in which He is described in His Word. As we understand more about who He is, our desire to walk with Him more closely will certainly grow. So the next step will be to consider and explore how we can encounter Him through the classic spiritual disciplines and pathways. Life is all about togetherness and church in particular is about togetherness. Likewise, Christian community is all about coming together to grow, to worship and to learn. That's why it is always good to remind ourselves of the value of community.