Church for the young, the old & everyone in between

The moment you walk into this community, you see that we are a church family with a wide range of people, from young to old.  We are blessed with many kids, praise God.  I have over the years heard many say that the kids are the church of tomorrow.  But I normally challenge that by saying that they are in fact the church of today.  (Maybe that's because I used to be a Children's Pastor, and saw first hand many, many lives of people being changed).

As a community, we are enthusiastic to explore some new ways of meeting together in 2015.  This may well include 'family' services, where we engage in a range of activities, many of them focussed toward the kids, during our church services.  After all, we all love a good kids talk, a youngster leading us in prayer, or a Bible reading, and even an engaging kids story.

It is so easy for churches to slip into a monotonous style of almost performing church regularly.  So let's shake it up a little.  Let's not allow the past to control or limit the future.  Let's have some fun, exploring some new ground.  It is exhilarating to be on a journey of stepping into an unknown future, stepping out in faith, as we serve a known God.  Whatever happens, may we do it as a community of God's people, seeking to take every step together, appreciating the spiritual family that He has called us to be.

Praise God for His goodness,

Andrew Margetson