God Squad

Upcoming God Squad meetings

26 February 2017

Hi there God Squad friends,

This Sunday we're up for a real treat; we'll meet at Yogurt Land at 4pm and everyone makes up their treat. Please bring $10 to pay for your own. Following, we'll drive up to Sealy Lookout and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful place we live in while enjoying our treat (unless you finish on the way there ;-) ).

We'll also have a time of devotions and connect with God. If time allows we'll then go for a discovery stroll around the Sealy Lookout area. Please feel free to invite a friend. This is a great opportunity to share.

It will be great fun! We hope to see you there.

For getting home afterward we will meet back at Your Church for the Boambee people and will arrange drop offs with parents individually for Coffs Harbour people.

Blessings from

Michelle and Matt

For further inquiries, email Matt Guidon to matt-moni@hotmail.com or phone 0434 274 846