Values/Vision - Transformation, Community & Mission

2016 theme - encountering God together

2015 theme - A living community of hope

2014 Theme - Thrive

For those who would like some more explanation:
Your Church - our name encompasses the fact that people feel welcome in this place. Whether new, or not so new, you will feel a sense of this being a place where you can feel at home.
Transformation - God wants us to change, to grow, to develop and flourish.
Community - God wants to see His people living with a sense of community, love and fellowship.
Mission - God has called us to serve Him by proclaiming His Kingdom.

If you are keen to hear a sermon on each of these themes, download the MP3 files at the bottom of this page.
When you meet with us, either in large group, small group or one-on-one, we pray that you will grow in your sense of what it means to flourish in each of these areas.